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About Tampa Bay Express (TBX)

Tampa Bay faces critical transportation challenges.
With the 7th worst congestion among large U.S. metros, we’re losing almost $1.6 billion annually in wasted time and fuel. 

Tampa Bay Express (TBX) offers critical solutions.
By addressing current road congestion and creating a foundation for forward-thinking transit options, TBX will improve connectivity throughout the entire Tampa Bay region.

While the State of Florida and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) have committed $3.3 billion to the first phase of TBX, the project still faces a critical vote by the Hillsborough County Metropolitan Planning Organization board on Wednesday, June 22.

5 Great Reasons to Say YES to TBX

Provides a Solution for Traffic Today

Tampa Bay is projected to add 650,000 new residents by 2025. Traffic is only going to get worse if we don’t take action now. TBX is the only transportation plan that systematically addresses congestion by rebuilding our key interchanges, adding express lanes and allowing us to accommodate more people on our roads.

Creates a Foundation for Future Transit

TBX also creates a foundation for future transit options. The express lanes provide an immediate opportunity for express bus service, the Howard Frankland Bridge will be rebuilt with a foundation strong enough to support rail, and a transit corridor in the highway median will be preserved for future use.

Gets You Where You Need to Go Faster

The average commuter loses a week’s worth of time each year due to traffic congestion. With an average minimum speed of of 45mph, TBX express lanes can get you where you need to go faster. In Miami, express lanes average 54-62mph and general purpose lanes have increased to an average of 39-47mph.

It's Good for Business (and for You)

A faster, more reliable transportation network means shorter commute times and happier, more productive employees. And because our transportation infrastructure has been cited as the number one concern for businesses looking at expanding or relocating to Tampa Bay, these improvements will make our region more competitive for high-wage job creation projects.

We Can Use It... Or Lose It

The State of Florida and FDOT are committing $3.3 billion to the first phase of TBX, but if we delay this project, our money will be spent in Orlando or Jacksonville… and we’ll fall even further behind.

What People Are Saying

  • "TBX is the only project providing for transit mobility options with opportunities for express buses in the managed lanes, a transit envelope in the center of I-275 between Tampa International Airport and Downtown Tampa, and the foundation for fixed-rail transit on the Howard Frankland bridge as well."

    Joe Farrell Tampa Bay Regional Coalition
  • "The regional roadway network is already nearing capacity, presenting a significant limiting factor in attracting new cargo and businesses to the port if major improvements to our system are not made. The community needs to be unified in its support for the Tampa Bay Express project, recognizing that the economic vitality of the Tampa Bay region will be negatively impacted if the project does not move forward."

    Paul Anderson Port Tampa Bay
  • "Any delay with TBX just delays our ability to provide mobility to our residents, visitors and businesses, and we encourage FDOT to continue to work with the local community and its leaders to implement this important project."

    Rick Homans Tampa Bay Partnership

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